About us

Sternitz was born in 2015 as a family business oriented to the world of yoga, running and other sports disciplines. We are a brand formed and designed for comfort during the exercise, but also with ecological awareness in every detail.
The name of Sternitz is a derivation of the prefix STERN, linguistic reference to the "stars" in several languages. And that, in turn, contains the term TERN, which means "swallow" in German and that inspired our logo in the form of a bird's beak.
Both words unite the farthest and most precious of heaven with the sublime animals of the earth. A union that we also reflect in our products, light and strong as these elements.
But Sternitz is also fraternity and nature. We work with an environmental component in which we faithfully believe as a company and citizens. And, in addition, as a family we transfer to the brand our values ​​of teamwork, respect, joy and desire to share that always characterize us.
Therefore, each of our garments is made with bamboo fibers, a sustainable and ecological fabric. While our accessories have a novel and colorful style, inspired by the latest market trends.
From our ecological mats, microfiber towels, hair bands, water bottles, to the latest generation caps and backpacks you can feel comfort and adaptability in every detail.
Today, in 2021, we have operations in more than 10 countries and we want to continue growing to bring our philosophy of fun sports and eco-friendly consumption to more people.
Do you join our family?