How to organize the best picnic outdoors?

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One of the best activities to enjoy the open spaces is to organize a picnic. On hot days nothing soothes and entertains like picnics on the grass.

But have you tried planning a picnic? When you organize such a plan, there is more than one complication or doubt along the way. So, if you want to know how to organize a picnic that is a success not only with your friends or family but with the enviroment here we will leave you our favorite tricks.

The right place: comfort and nature

The space where we will make the picnic is a choice that will depend on the amount and type of company we will have.

If there are children, it is better to choose a place with a large green esplanade where they can run. However, if you encourage your friends to get out of the routine it is better to choose the shore of a beach, river or even the upper terrace of a building.

And, if it's a sports group, you can enjoy a reward snack on the top of a mountain.

The food: easy and filling

No need to spend hours in the kitchen. Choose natural foods that fill you with energy and freshness.

An infallible idea is to bring chopped fruits in fun shapes in a tupper, it will be a topic of conversation and you will save yourself the task of peeling them at the moment.

Here it is important to know how many people will go to bring enough portions and cutlery.

The backpack: organization and protection

It does not matter if you bought a special basket to carry the dishes, having a backpack is great because you can transport back the decoration and waste.

You will realize that they are comfortable to move and in them you can put up a cooler bag if you need to bring cold drinks.

The blanket: decoration and support

Having a tablecloth to sit and eat is one of the most classic and beautiful images of the whole idea of ​​a picnic. A large towel with colored patterns is great for this.

The trick is to choose a thick and fluffy fiber that softens the hardness of the ground and protects in case the grass is wet or too high.

This blanket can even be the center of a whole pattern of decoration with vases, trays and pennants.

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