Acroyoga: What is it and what are your benefits?

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In the yogi world the style of acroyoga resounds more and more, a discipline that captivates by its pirouettes. But, beyond the aerial figures, few know what this variant is.

Actually, it is not so difficult to fall in love with the acroyoga if it is understood correctly.

Although its popularity has focused on "flying" postures, it is a physical and mental strategy that requires conscious training.

What does the acroyoga consist of?

In its basic form it is a school that fuses three ancestral methods: yoga, acrobatics and therapeutic arts.

This mixture manages to harmonize relaxing and meditative movements with other more dynamic and challenging ones, creating a powerful formula.

In practice, an acroyoga session consists of two moments: one lunar and one solar. In the moon phase, the initial stretch and the Thai massages that are made at the end enter. While in the solar part, the corporal figures of elevation and postures of mutual balance are realized.

Another of the most novel and attractive things of this practice is its accomplishment in couple or trios. In this system one acts as a base, the other as a flyer and a third as a caregiver.

This group disposition gives additional advantages in the interpersonal field that classical yoga does not work directly.

Benefits of practicing acroyoga

Physical advantages

The acrobatics bring with them a greater number of torsions, elongations and alignments, postures that are excellent for training body balance, flexibility and lightness.

These effects are especially noticeable in the stabilizing muscles of the torso, responsible for the balance and coordination of elastic movements.

Thanks to these positions each participant can manage and know better their points of corporal support, progressively increases their mechanical agility and manages to have greater physical awareness.

Psychological and mental work

Acroyoga can also be a truly therapeutic exercise of detachment. In the air, trust in one's movements and in the firmness of the other is fundamental. There, success consists of a mutual support that forces people to let go of control, fear, anxiety and free themselves from burdens.

But achieving an equilibrium position also requires concentration and maximum attention. This state of focus achieves more awareness of the present, leaving behind distractions and anxieties.

Social skills

As more than one person is needed, the practice becomes an exercise in human connection that can be very fun. Communication becomes a main element, but not only orally but through corporal expression.

And, best of all, the acroyoga adapts to any physical level. A good companion can make you fly if you dare to trust him.

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