4 essential clothing items for training

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When starting to exercise it is important to think about the clothes that you are going to wear during training, since the comfort, versatility and encouragement that you may have throughout any routine depends on it.

We know that for beginners it is difficult to know what clothing to choose or buy, so this list will help you get an idea of ​​the basics that we all need when activating our body and starting to sweat.


They have been the star piece of athletes for a few years, although they began as pieces for yoga or Pilates due to the adjustment and stretching they provide, these tights can be used to go for a run or train in the gym and enjoy the same advantages.

Whether they are capri or long-waisted, a good leggings will adjust to your legs and waist allowing you to stretch your muscles, move them at high speeds or exert yourself without adding weight or scratching your skin.

In addition, the great advantage of leggings is that you can sweat without the humidity feeling sticky and their elastic bands at the waist will facilitate the withdrawal of the abdomen and support in the lumbar area.

Sport bra

Girls always need a good bra that can give them comfort and confidence to do jumps, inverted poses and fast breaths.

By using a model specially designed for sports, you will save yourself from uncomfortable pressure and metallic pads or arches that get stuck in certain movements.

The secret to choosing a good sports bra is in its size and in the support provided by the straps on the shoulders and the band under the bust. This coupled with the X-shaped back design allows the arms to have complete freedom of movement while the bra maintains support and weight distribution naturally and smoothly.


It doesn't matter if you are in winter or summer, a good tank top is essential to allow your body to move and perspire during physical activity.

The choice of wide or glued models depends on the tastes of each person, but for a tank top to be suitable for the gym or fitness routines at home it is important that the fabric is soft to the touch, has thermo-climatic properties and allows the rotation of arms, neck and torso.

Another great advantage of these garments is that you can use them as a base under a sweatshirt if you exercise outdoors in winter or even for daily activities when there is high temperatures.


To facilitate movement and cushion the footfall, sports shoes must be resistant and light. This combination will give you more movement capacity and better support regardless of whether you do high-impact routines or more moderate exercises.

The lightweight construction shoes allow a more precise fit without adding additional heaviness or barriers that prevent them from pressing or suffocating the foot.

Among the elements of footwear it is important to choose models that have non-slip soles that generate traction for rebounding and support for falls. Similarly, good insoles are essential to fix the arch of the foot and give better performance preventing injuries.

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