10 ways to exercise outdoors

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There is no more fun and cleansing way to train the body than doing it surrounded by nature and integrating the environment in the practice of outdoor exercises.

If you are lucky enough to have a park, beach, mountain or even, if you live in an urban area, there are many ways to exercise without the need to spend a single euro to enroll in a gym. Ready to get out of boredom?


It is one of the most common and ancient ways to take advantage of good weather. Just a pair of sports shoes is enough and you can go out on any street.

Family bike rides

Children love to ride a bicycle, it makes them feel free, brave and enjoy speed.

Organizing a route between family and friends is a great way to take advantage of this transport and motivate yourself with the company of your loved ones.

Climbing and hiking

Walking mountain trails can be very challenging because the slopes and rocks are a constant and you should strive your body to the fullest. However, the satisfaction of an elevated view and the contact with the purest air will be worth it.

Yoga on the beach

Yoga is a very versatile practice and as good fans we could not leave it out. If you live by the sea, a beach session alone or accompanied will take you out of the study routine and you will be able to make the most of the summer: the sea breeze, the contact with the sand and the strength of the sun.

Plyometric exercises

Stationary exercises may look like indoors, but they can also be adapted to open spaces. Some experts in doing so are crossfit groups and military type trainings.

Open gyms

To increase muscle it is not necessary to be confined in a closed space. Nowadays, public options for multifunctional bars, leagues, banks and rustic weights abound. Just enough to train your strength.

Team sports

Soccer, basketball and volleyball are great for practicing on open courts. Joining a team also creates a commitment to exercise that becomes truly motivating.


It is not only one of the most complete sports but also the most refreshing ones. It is the perfect plan to take advantage of the summer heat!


If you are surprised to see this practice, it is because you have not run behind a disc. About 30 minutes of practice help burn as many calories as a running session, while practicing your jumping, throwing and aiming skills.

Ralis urban

The obstacle courses are perfect to integrate adventure, exercise and fun in one place. You can join a group of rallies or create your own challenge to spend a different afternoon.

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