10 fitness gift ideas for athletes and yogis

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Here we leave you a series of recommendations to buy accessories, clothes or accessories that will surely help you to surprise all the athletes, yoga and fitness lovers that you have in your life.


It does not matter if your friend is a fan of lifting weights or going for a run, the mats are the basic accessory that every athlete needs to be able to stretch and warm up comfortably. In addition, they are excellent support for plyometrics and cardio routines that include exercises where we must support ourselves on the ground.

Among the mat variants that you can give away are the ecological rugs, with natural fibers and a little more textured to the touch.

Travel mats are also an alternative to use as support for warm-up and flexibility exercises in a thinner, lighter and more transportable support.

You can also go for a professional mat, a thicker and non-slip alternative with a grip that allows cushioning high-impact movements or advanced yoga postures.


We all need good sneakers or sneakers to be able to perform better in training and exercise routine. Therefore, giving a pair never hurts.

The most functional options will always be a great idea, so we recommend you go for lighter and softer models with great support insoles, non-slip sole and breathable fabric.

To take this gift to the next level you must take into account the colors and styles of each person, but do not worry, the basic shoes will always be there to help you get out of trouble.

Elastic bands

This gift will serve to complement that home gym that your friend is putting together at home, because when it comes to training outside a gym, expandable bands are the ideal tools for doing strength and resistance routines.

Its use can also be adapted to work flexibility at the beginning or end of routines, for dancers who want to improve their movements or as a support to loosen tense muscles after a day of heavy work.

Mountain backpack

You can give the most extreme a good surprise with an all-terrain backpack. These multipurpose backpacks with thousands of compartments and possibilities are the best friends of anyone who likes camping, hiking in the mountains or going on a trip to exotic places.

When looking for an ideal backpack to give as a gift, we recommend you go for the most versatile, robust and strong models, so you can guarantee that your gift will last for many years.

Sport sweatshirt

Exercising in winter can be a challenge for those who are not so disciplined, so a great way to encourage them to stay in fitness is with warm sportswear.

For this, sweatshirts will be a very cool alternative that will allow you to enjoy outdoor routines regardless of the weather, and with the addition that they are garments that can be used on a day-to-day basis.

Yoga blocks

This is a gift that will not only serve yoga geeks, these bricks or blocks are widely used in the sports world because they are fantastic for providing support and extension in stretches, planks and push-ups.

With a couple of blocks, the possibilities of postures in Pilates, yoga and in home routines multiply and, for those who are fans of more passive practices, it can be used as a meditation seat or balance base.

Caps and bandanas

The most basic accessories can be the most special when it comes to gifts, since the range of colors, models and finishes is very varied and can serve as an expression of affection for the personality of the other person.

Caps for men, thermal collars, bandanas and hair bands for girls can also work as group gifts, because in addition to being beautiful they are cheaper and will allow you to have a present with all your sports team, family or work colleagues .
Beach towels or round mats

They are in the favorite category of girls and the youngest. These towels are not only fun, beautiful and multifunctional but they are made with the maximum detail that will allow you to give a colorful and appreciated gift.

Their designs of mandalas, bacteria or geometric patterns allow them to be used as a base for meditation sessions, yoga or even a picnic. So if you are looking for Zen gifts for women, this is undoubtedly a very original idea.

In addition, its double fabric absorbs moisture, stays dry and is easy to clean. What more can we ask for?

Sports shorts

Shorts are an all-time classic for sporty men. Their high-movement, synthetic fabric allows them to be used for jogging, soccer, or the gym.

By choosing this idea you can find lots of colors, patterns and even models that you can buy according to the personality of the boy.

As an additional recommendation, we invite you to combine the shorts with a pair of matching sneakers, this will be the best complement for a more complete gift.

Accessory kit

If you liked all the previous ideas and want to combine them, you can look for specialized packs according to sport discipline or level of experience of the person. So you will find accessories designed to work together and that will give a unique touch to any gift.

With so many options, this idea of ​​putting together several accessories will allow you to give more than one gift at the same time and you can save yourself the indecision when choosing between several alternatives you like.

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