10 benefits of conscious breathing in daily life

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Breathing slowly and deeply is a commonly mentioned methodology when we are learning yoga or meditation. But do you really know what it is about and how it can help your body?

In simple terms, it is a way to focus full attention on the process of inhaling and exhaling air.

The technique consists of slowing down the breathing movements and beginning to fill the lungs to its deepest zone. This is known as "diaphragmatic breathing"

How to start?

To achieve this, I recommend you go to bed and close your eyes. Then, you must place one hand on your chest, at the level of the lungs, and another on your abdomen.

The idea is to inhale feeling that the air inflates the belly instead of reaching only the upper part of the chest. There, the hands will indicate the progress.

Which has benefits?

Muscle relaxation

The slow rhythm and the filling of the lungs allows to slow down the beats and thereby loosen the muscles.

Something useful for moments of acceleration due to daily stress or for athletes, after an exhausting race.

Emotional control

Breathing thinking about that action, controlling the rhythm and depth helps the mind to focus with its own body, a state that manages to anchor the thought.

This effect is wonderful to master our responses when feelings seem to carry the rational ahead. Therefore, it is used in mindfulness and full consciousness.


If you can focus your thoughts on breathing, your mind will be training progressively to be able to give all your attention to one action at a time whenever it is necessary.

Better oxygenation

Making the most of each nasal aspiration we have more air in the lungs and this will be of better quality. This oxygen is spread better by the body and your muscles will feel more alive.

Goodbye toxins

When oxygen reaches each of our organs it is exchanged for the toxic substances that we do not need. Its constant and powerful flow manages to keep everything clean and unobstructed.


Conscious breathing can give a feeling of calm, pleasant and relaxing that manages to stop the anxiety of daily problems, it is an authentic Zen practice.

Strong lungs

Extending your capacity to the maximum a few minutes a day helps to make them more powerful, resistant to diseases and vigorous for more years.

Better circulation

More oxygen means better quality blood and less work for the heart.

Regular digestion

The organs of the digestive system will be better oxygenated and massaged by each deep movement of inhalation, something that will help the assimilation of food.

Controlled weight

The burning of fat will be more effective since the tissues will be powered by oxygen.

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